Electron Connection Down


So the assumption was correct, having a cellular connection does not mean internet access. This is the same as the Photon connecting to an access point does not mean that there is a connection to the internet.

Therefore slow cyan means it is trying to find the cloud (if internet access is down the cloud won’t be found) and fast cyan means the cloud has been found and active negotiation is in progress.


Hi All,

Thank you for the ping, and I’m sorry about any lag in posting outage information on our status page. We have quite a few systems of continuous monitoring and metrics and alerting that will page our on-duty engineering team and update the status page automatically, but sometimes an issue misses those early-warning tests.

Last night we become aware that one of our cellular partners suffered an incident that impacted connectivity on their highly-available architecture. During this time, some electrons using impacted SIM cards were unable to connect or send data. We’re talking internally about how we can best mitigate these kinds of risks, and what other alerting systems we can put in place to detect this specific new kind of issue in the future.

Please do always feel free to ping us on the forums if you suspect an issue that isn’t reflected on the status page yet.