Electron Boot Process

How long after power on is the first bit of code able to be run? I haven’t been able to find any measurements on this anywhere in the documentation. I have some time-sensitive I/O operations that need to take place as soon as possible after my Electron is powered on, and I’m curious about how long the initialization process takes after power on (or if there is really any initialization to speak of).

Thank you.


I depends on a lot of things such as the mode that the Electron is operating in (Automatic, Semi-Auto or Manual), the type of code, how close you are to a cell tower (signal strength) and other factors.

Can you give us a hint as to what you want to do? There may be options that can speed the process up.


Ah, my apologies for not being clear!

The data that needs to be written is the same every time the Electron boots - that is to say, it’s just some data located in the internal storage that needs to be written to a SRAM. Network connectivity is not a factor here.

Have you seen this?

Awesome, found what I needed on there!

Note that when startup code performs digital I/O, there will still be a period of at least few hundred milliseconds where the I/O pins are in their default power-on state, namely INPUT. Circuits should be designed with this in mind, using pullup/pulldown resistors as appropriate.

I’ll have to find another solution for my use case.