Electromagnets with Particle Photon

Hey Everyone!

New to the game and I’m attempting something big. I want to make a plug in ‘floating’ bonsai plant using electromagnets similar to this project here

What can I use? Im hoping to power it from a 24V house mains. Problem is, I have no knowledge of how much power is required to power the magnets. What kind of weight could i suspend in the air? Anyone have a graph for this or anything?

On top of this, how can I power the magnet to lift the plant into the air?

Any help would be appreciated.

Whoa, sounds super cool! I would start by finding the electromagnet you want to use and looking at the datasheet…the amount of weight you can suspend would vary dramatically, I’d guess.

Be careful with mains electricity! :slight_smile:

Okay sweet! but is there any particular place that is trusted in Australia or Online that I can get ones that work well with particle?

It’s not at all clear how the levitating bonsai works. You can’t just put one magnet above other and expect to get levitation. Given the amount of power the levitating bonsai uses, I don’t think they’re using electromagnets for the levitation, though you could if you want. The tricky part, I think, will be how to keep the levitating object from sliding off to the side, or otherwise losing its stability.

Works how? What does a Particle device have to do with a floating bonsai? What specifically do you want the Photon to do?