Electric Imp to AWS Phant.io instance[not Spark related]

Hi All … I’m very new to Sparkfun but managed to get data going up to Sparkfun. All good fun!!! I’ve created a Phant.io service on an Amazon cloud instance and I was trying to get the Electric Imp agent to direct to that. I thought it would be a simple as changing the URL from data.sparkfun.com to my Instance URL and changing the Public and Private keys to those generated by the Phant.io service on my instance, but getting this
UTC+1 [Agent] PUSH: 56 -
I’ve come to the limits of my knowledge.

Anyone know what changes I need to make on the agent code to call my AWS Phant.io instance? Thnaks

@Stuart, this is for Spark Core and not Spark fun.

You probably get better support on the Sparkfun or Electric imp page :smile: