Eeprom read write strategey

My fermentation controler is coming along fine.

The next issue is to be able to save set values to eeprom. If I put it in the loop the eeprom will be used each cycle which I would like avoid since eeprom chips have a finite life. I am looking for a trigger of some sort so the eeprom mechanics is run only when a value changes from ubidots

any ideas?

thanks guys GNS


So you mean if newvalue != oldvalue, do something?

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yes when the value of a variable changes then write to the eeprom

thanks s

So what’s the actual problem?
What have you tried so far?

I have not tried anything yet. Im looking for ideas. When this was on an arduino data came in and out via usb so when there was data available it got written to eeprom.

I first thought is to read the values to a set of variables and compare old values to new values when they change it would trigger a data dump to eeprom.

Im just wondering if there is a better way?

thanks steve

@murmsk, you approach is the best (and correct) way!