Education Contact about Simplifying the Photon

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Hey, could you guys draw straws and whoever gets the shortest straw reply to this so that I can always include that person in my messages. I present the Photon for over an hour every day to 30 High School students. I am also presenting the Photon at the CUEBC conference on Oct 23, 2015 in Vancouver. I will soon be your most knowledgeable teacher about the Photon.

It would speed up my goal of simplifying the Photon, if I always tried to contact the same person. Then I will not have to explain each time, that I am not a beginner. I often spend several days work on a problem before I post a question.

Not sure who but definitely not me. :wink:

@christine should be the one handling this. She’s the community manager from :particle:

Quite right, @kennethlimcp and @rocksetta. Feel free to loop me in on any messages.

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