E-ink Display doesnt Work


Thanks @ScruffR.
I haven’t been able to get the sample ‘EPaper29b.ino’ to run correctly (just displays gibberish on the display) but I can run the Rotated example fine. One question, where is the screen orientation set in this example? I tried playing with swapping the width and height values (thinking maybe it was derived from there) but that didn’t work. I also thought maybe it was the first few lines inside loop(), but when I comment out all of the code inside loop() it still runs in portrait orientation.
I see the paint class has some methods regarding orientation but I don’t see that they are called in the example. Am I missing something? I appreciate any help. Thanks.


These are the lines that actually set the screen orientation for the Paint object according to the preselected orientation variable

      if (orient & 0x01) paintRed.SetRotate(po);
      else               paintBlack.SetRotate(po);

For EPaper29b.ino I’d have to have a look what I get.


Why the if() statement? Why not just call SetRotate() to whatever orientation you want?

I was able to get the display to work in landscape with paintBlack.SetRotate(LANDSCAPE) , which I put into the setup() function, so thanks for your help!


Because it is a sample that should illustrate the use and continuously rotates the black and red portion alternately.