Dual Particle Cloud

Is there an option to run ‘dual’ Particle clouds?

Our devices will trigger an audible alarm if the Cloud connection drops out (required feature) to reduce the chance of a dropout occurring and losing connectivity between devices - we want to have the device connect to the official Particle Cloud and a Private copy of the Particle cloud and have publishes/subscribes sent to both Clouds.

Is this possible? or do we need to use a 2nd different MQTT server as a backup?

Thanks in advance for ideas/suggestions!

That’s not an easy task as you’d need to change several system settings (cloud address, keys, …) on the fly.
So I’d say a switching might be possible, but a parallel connection not really as you’d have to have some parts of the communication stack doubled, which isn’t there at all.
However as a fallback I’d rather have a more light weight communication with a local server - but what if the WiFi itself fails?

But the idea sounds interesting, or not @rickkas7?


If the overall cellular connection fails, we can trigger the local alarm - this is more acceptable as it happens much less often and typically represents the ‘loss of the local tower’ which is an incident we want to alert for.

It is also localised to the customers connected to the given tower, not our full customer base.

But Cloud availability is less stable and if it drops out - all of our customers systems start alarming (which isn’t great).

We are also not terribly concerned with data usage as we have 3rd party SIMs with decent data allowances. If that helps with any suggestions :slight_smile:

@rickkas7 - any thoughts? :slight_smile: