DS2482-RK for other 1-wire devices


has anyone used this library to connect to other 1-wire devices apart from temperature sensors.
I am trying to communicate with DS2423 and DS2438.

There’s no reason why it should not work. The low-level primitives to access the chips are the same across all 1-Wire devices, and those are exposed in DS2482-RK.

However, it’s not exactly trivial to add new devices because the library is completely asynchronous and this makes it easy and efficient to use, but a pain to add new devices to.

There is some DS2438 code here:

May be useful as reference. I would like to move to the DS2482-RK model at some point in the future …

Thanks for that - I have got the ds1820 and ds2423 basically working using your libraries low level commands so looking good.

I have code for ds2438 in another environment so just need to port it.

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