Don't know how to connect sensor to Argo


I am sorry if this is a stupid question, but I am trying to follow this tutorial and connect a PPD42NJ air quality sensor to my Argon, but the tutorial is written for a photon, and I have an argon. Can someone tell me what the the equivalent connections to this on an Argon would be. My Argon doesn’t seem to have a Vin and only has one GND.

Particle Photon ==> PPD42NJ sensor (placed in vertical direction)

GND ==> Pin1(GND)

D6 ==> Pin2 (Output)

Vin ==>Pin3(5V)

GND ==> 10k resistor ==> Pin5 (Input)


There are some things you need to assure first.
Since the Photon has 5V-tolerant pins but the Argon hasn’t you need to make sure the sensor is not outputting 5V directly to the GPIO of the Argon.

However, you can use a voltage divider or a level shifter to bring the output into the allowed range of max. 3.3V

If you are powering the Argon via USB you can use the VUSB pin in place of the Vin pin.
If you want to use this only powered off a LiPo you’ll need a boost converter to boost the 3v3 output to 5V for the sensor needs a supply voltage between 4.75V and 5.25V.