Does virtual device work and stay updated?

I’m trying to build the virtual device as described here. It seems to be outdated and uses an older version of GCC which isn’t working for me with this error.

n file included from src/spark_wiring_eeprom.cpp:30:
./inc/spark_wiring_eeprom.h:53:12: error: definition of implicit copy constructor for 'EERef' is deprecated because it has a user-provided copy assignment operator [-Werror,-Wdeprecated-copy-with-user-provided-copy]
    EERef &operator=( const EERef &ref ) { return *this = *ref; }
./inc/spark_wiring_eeprom.h:104:43: note: in implicit copy constructor for 'EERef' first required here
    EERef operator*()                   { return index; }

Yes, it’s used for pre-release testing. However, the gcc virtual device uses the native gcc compiler on your computer, and the version must be the same as the gcc-arm that is used to target that version of Device OS.