Does the Particle setup/configuration process upload WiFi details to the Cloud?

I am getting ready to setup my first Particle device and before I do I wanted to find out if during the process are the WiFi network names, passwords, etc ever uploaded to the Cloud? I would expect them to just reside on the device itself but have found out that isn’t always the case. Amazon’s ECHO uploads and stores WiFi information (without asking) on their Cloud to make it easier to setup more ECHO devices later.

I couldn’t find this mentioned anywhere on the site or in the documentation. Can anyone confirm one way or another if the WiFi details will be kept private locally or shipped somewhere offsite?

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During the setup process the credentials are kept only on the device, and are sent over serial or wifi to the Photon, depending if you use the Particle app or set it up directly using particle-cli.

The wifi credentials are stored only on the Photon, and the password is kept in the memory of the WiFi chip and can not be extracted. Even if someone hacked your Photon they would not be able to get your WiFi password.

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Thank you for clearing up my concern about the storage of the WiFi keys. I think that would be a good point to mention on the list of features in that it only keeps them locally.