Does the OTA update only perform once?

In the Web IDE, such as the example-BLINK AN LED. It does’t do anyting about Initialization,when compiled and translating to spark core over internet.The Led should toggle,but the CC3000 does not ever initialized. Can
the OTA update perform again?

Or I think when the Web IDE compiling, it links some library. Then to be a complete firmware without do the Initialization.

It’s a little hard to understand your question.

Basically, your code (user code) will be compiled with the other parts (connect to cloud, button behavior) etc…

I think you asking if you can write some code and the core will receive it without sending the firmware over. The answer is no.

You can instead have some functions exposed through API and use an app/api calls to change the behavior of the core accordingly.

Hi @wocgjjc,

Is it that your core stopped during an OTA update? Or that you’d like to compile and flash everything locally and not over the air?


thanks for your quick reply.I think I get the answer .
In the Web IDE, I can just rewrite the void setup() and void loop() functions etc,just like an ardunio enviroment.
And I need not care about the hardware Initialization such as SysTick_Configuration() and RTC_Configuration() and something Initialization with CC3000.

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Glad you found the answer! Continue asking in future if you dont :slight_smile:

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