Does entersafemode work?

Does entersafemode work ? , because in my code it just resets and go back to normal running.
I posted things to my server and received a reply , if I received the right reply it did a entersafemode .

@peter_a you need to give more context and the code you used to do that…

O.K , I want it to come up of deepsleep into safemode is I can write new code to it, but instead of going to safemode it just resets.

Something like this? (This example is not working yet)


retained int safeMode = 0;

void setup(){
  if(safeMode == 1)

void loop(){
   safeMode = 1;

I am also not being successful with enterSafe mode function call on my application.

This does not work:

void loop(){
  if (enterSafeMode=true) {

enterSafeMode VAR is set with a button on interrupt…

When this is pressed in resets and starts again instead of entering safeMode. I know the interrupt and the button works, because if i change the system.enterSafeMode to deepSleep… and it does work. Or to light an LED.

This issue is now officially filed

Looks like this issue was just closed. Is there an estimated release date for 0.4.9?

Estimated end this week

Which week ?

Monday 25th January

The week when the statement was written, which was this week, still :wink:

OK, due to some minor delays it’s actually after this, beginning next week.

For future reference, if you look top right of each post you’ll see when it was posted - this should help to know how to interpret such statements :sunglasses: