Does battery charge when plugged into relay shield

I just noticed that the battery on a test unit I’ve had plugged into a relay shield for several days is now dead. I have just sent out 7 prototype units configured the same way. The units will be under power at all times so it should be OK, but it is kind of disappointing, if true, that the battery won’t charged while plugged into the relay shield. I may want to update firmware, while power is off at night at install sight. Without battery power, that would not happen and I would have to do when systems are live and in use.

Does anyone know if this is true, or is there a code or setting I could use to allow the battery to charge while plugged into the relay shield?

How exactly have you wired the battery to the relay shield?

The battery is plugged into the electron, the electron is plugged into the shield, the shield is plugged into the 12v power supply.

The electron powers up without the battery, via the shield, which is nice. I assumed that meant it would charge the battery as if it was plugged in and powered by USB. I don’t see any documentation at

Battery has charged.

I’m thinking that while device was unplugged, buttons may have been pressed, resulting in relays trying to switch with inadequate voltage thereby draining battery, if that’s possible. Or the battery just drained quickly while unplugged.

How long is the battery supposed to last anyway? I’ve unplugged the device for the night and I’m down to 96% from a full charge in less than a half hour. At that rate, I’d be out of juice withing 12 hours, and that’s without any read/write functions being activated.

Does anyone know how long the battery should last without charging?

That is highly dependent on your application. To answer that question we would need to know… What is your average current draw? And what is the rated capacity of the battery?