Does anyone know how to configure BQ2002?

I’m making an electronic card for 5V alimentation (my sensor node).In fact,I’m developping a wireless sensor network and I’m willing to use Solar cells for power supply.
That’s why I need a battery for power supply during night hours and backup when it’s cloudy…
I’m using 2 NIMH batteries 250mAH-1,2V (in parallel to have many hours of supply) each (I still don’t know where to perchase them…) so I’ll need only a PV cell of 50mA-5,5V for both batteries and my sensor node.
I’m using:
LTC3105 for MPPT
BQ2002 for charging my battery
Max756 to obtain 5V from 1,2V.
The problem is for BQ2002 the datasheet isn’t very clear about the values of resistors(considering I’m using 2 NIMH in parallel)…Does anyone have ever worked with it ? :blush: