Docs: Web-based access token creation and in-browser node.js tutorials

New docs features! You can now create an access token directly from the docs, no CLI or curl necessary. Particularly handy on a Chromebook or managed PC where you can’t install software. Can set the expiration including making non-expiring tokens. Works with MFA, too.

And there’s this new optional feature in the node.js tutorial:

  • The new “Try It!” button opens up a new browser tab to try a node.js example program.
  • You get a new editor IDE window, with syntax checking, highlighting, and autocompletion. It’s basically Visual Studio Code, running in your browser, with no software to install.
  • And you can run the node scripts, right in your browser. You can pass in command line options, edit the files, copy and paste, the whole shebang!
  • Works on Chrome and Edge now. Works on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebook. Safari and Firefox coming soon.
  • It uses StackBlitz, which runs a virtual machine in your browser in WebAsm, with a specialized package loader that makes it load in a few seconds. It’s basically insanity.

Here’s the csv file parsing example. Use the Try It! button to run it in another browser tab, run the node script, edit the files, etc…

This is just the first proof-of-concept example. Much fancier examples are on the way!


uff, looks very very cool already!

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