Do Photons travel at the speed of light?

Hi all, super excited to see an email pop up in my inbox stating,"This means that your order will be shipping shortly. You will receive an email from us with a tracking # within the next 2 business days. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see it. "

@peekay123, just in time for a pong clock make!

I know the photons have taken longer than expected to arrive, but better right and late than early and wrong. Well done Particle team, after all, what is the point of having a good QC system if you ignore the results.

:slight_smile: Maybe the delay was caused by the gravitational effect on a photon as predicted by Newton and Einstein :smile:

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What if the quality control collapsed their superposition waveform, forcing them into a malfunctioning state, whereas they may, or may not, have been fine, had they not been checked?

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@Julian, @Moors7, you seem to have forgotten the Core/Particle duality of Photons :wink:


This is a proper nerd out. Speaking of which I have just received a phone call from a work contact / customer / friend, when I answered, recognising my voice, he asked if Mr Heisenberg was there? I told him I was uncertain.

I am a little embarrassed to say that really happened to me TODAY. Small things, but it made me smile :smile:

You can tell it is a hoot in our office :wink:

@peekay123 does that mean that Particle has now developed a way of delivery via quantum tunneling or folding time? Sweet.


Perhaps they’ve found a way to travel on gravitational waves, thus exceeding light speed, effectively travelling back in time.

“what do we want?” - “A time machine!”
“when do we want it?” - “Irrelevant!”


@Julian, I believe that Particles will be delivered using quantum entanglement which would have freaked out Einstein. Particle can now deliver anywhere in the known universe, instantly :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Then, my photon was probably delivered last week, and I am just in the wrong dimension to see it.


As we are being frivolous, if my Photons come through the letter box and I get to them before they hit the floor will I have “caught some rays”?

Do I need to wear sunscreen when using a photon? :sunglasses:

There must also be a line about looking in the box and finding a dead/living cat (a la Schrodinger)

Slightly off topic, would it be true to say that if your code will run on a core then it will always run on a photon? Or will there be a bit of porting required (like pin changes?).

@Julian, Particle physics are complicated and best left for another topic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On the issue of Core code working on a Photon, the quick answer is yes it will need porting for now. The shorter answer is that with the upcoming release of the new homogenized Core/Photon firmware, except for hardware differences, code written for the Core will also work on the Photon and eventually on the Electron and so on. On this I have to thank @mdma for being a genius at embedded firmware. :smiley:


@peekay123, @mdma, Thank you very much.

@Julian I believe this IS the Schrödinger’s cat reference: