DIY Electron Remote Vehicle Start w/ Other Features too

So here is a remote start I built for a friends car, but since I have so many hours into design, CAD, Engineering, Firmware, and the App I think I’m going to put one in my HL.

What do you guys think?


You mentioned that on his manual transmission, it pushes in the clutch. How is that done?

On my commercial system, it requires the parking brake to be set before you pull your keys out. The engine keeps running until you get out and close the door, ensuring that you are forced to leave it in neutral with the brake on so starting it won’t kill anyone.

Great project!

It’s not actually “Pushing in the clutch” It’s closing the switch to make the vehicle think the clutch has been pushed in.
And yeah one of the inputs is the transmission neutral switch to ensure it’s not in gear before it tries to start… :slight_smile: