Distributed monitor/command UIs for Photon projects


I published on GitHub some code demonstrating how to integrate Photon devices with my “.NET/Mono/NETMF Monitor and Command Middleware”, an Open Source Visual Studio solution compiling client & server libraries allowing one to easily set up “monitor and command” messaging between devices running .NET/Mono (ex. Raspberry Pi), NETMF (ex. FEZ, Netduino…) or C++/Wiring (ex. Photon) and custom UIs running on computers tablets and phones (.NET/Mono, Android, iOS*), as demonstrated in the following video.

I want to publicly thank community member rickkas7 who provided a very appreciated sample code (https://github.com/rickkas7/fixedlentcprcv/) that saved me hours, if not days, while developing the client’s code.


*Theoretically, Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition provides all the tools required to build Xamarin.iOS applications, but I lacked the time and means to evaluate/demonstrate that possibility.


Hey @rickkas7 thanks for helping them with this! Your the man!