Digital output current capability

I know this information is available in the documentation, but I just can’t seem to find it. I need to interface an Electron with an IXYS PS1201 AC Power Switch. According to the datasheet,the PS1201 can take up to 5mA to drive the device and I simply can’t recall if an Electron can supply that much current via a digital output. If so, I would obviously plan to include a current limiting resistor to handle the remaining voltage drop from the output pin.

The Photon and Electron can source 25mA per pin but only 120mA in total with multiple pins sourcing at the same time.

This only seems to be documented for the Photon, but since both use the same µC that’ll apply just the same

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@ScruffR, thanks for the assist. I truthfully was a bit embarrassed asking the question and immediately realized I have many boards designed with a NPN transistor on the output to drive a heavy load. This ends up being similar in current load, I imagine. I’m very excited about the PS1201 for controlling loads that fall within its capabilities.