Device update offline, then goes online

I’m looking for a clarification to the release notes for v1.5.0:

Note: Argon/Boron/Xenon/Argon-SoM/Boron-SoM/Xenon-SoM Bootloader
If your device is offline, the bootloader must be manually updated using particle flash --serial <bootloader.bin> . This can be done before or after upgrading system firmware.

Note: Argon/Boron/Xenon/Argon-SoM/Boron-SoM/Xenon-SoM SoftDevice
If your device is offline, the SoftDevice must be manually updated using the CLI. See the instructions below.

I have devices that I update to 1.5.0 on our production line over CLI using the 3 part flash. After they are updated we flash our own firmware, allow them to connect to cloud, then ship.

Do they receive the Bootloader and SoftDevice updates once they connect to Particle cloud? Or do I also need to apply these updates in our CLI flashing process?

We would rather not use the Particle CLI, so I am looking for an answer that does not require it.

What devices are we talking about specificly?
What is “the 3 part flash”?

I’m talking about the Electron, but I’ve got a similar question about the Boron.

There is no SoftDevice on Electrons and when not updating OTA you should update the bootloader via CLI too.

particle update -v should do it all as needed.

I’d rather not use particle update as I want to have control over the version I am flashing. Is there a way to do this with the CLI? Ideally particle update --version 1.5.0

And just to confirm – when the device gets updated via the CLI with particle flash --usb device-os-version.bin and then connects to the cloud, does it receive bootloader and softdevice updates or not? I am assuming not at this point, but I’d like to know definitively.

Maybe the best way to accomplish this is to require a specific version of Particle-cli be installed when doing device setup? e.g., use a shell script to detect particle-cli version and exit if not on 2.3.0, if, for example, we want to flash 1.5.0.

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