Device Setup Library - Stop icon color tinting

Hello There,

We have been trying to get our Android app to production, but running into minor issues.

We are using a customized ANDROID device setup library. We were able to change the background from Blue to White by using the customization options/styles. However, we are running into a problem with the icons (such as the wifi, lock, and checkmark) being tinted white and hidden due to the background color being white.

We were able to change some of the icon colors by overriding the layout file, however, once the application is run the activity is tinting the icon color to white (in the row_wifi_scan_result.xml) and tinting the checkmark color to element_text_color in activity_connecting.xml

I also see some FIXME statements indicating, moving the color values to resources. Could we get an update on when it will be updated?

The best place to report things like this is via a Github issue on the appropriate repository. In this case:

The Github issues are monitored by the engineers and used to prioritize features for future releases.