Determining device MSISDN

We followed the instructions in the Cloud API for determining a device MSISDN using
curl but the response we got (see below) does not match the response that the documentation promises and the MSISDN is nowhere to be seen.


Can anyone advise on how we can get the MSISDN?

The Particle SIM card is not associated with a phone number. It cannot make or receive mobile calls or SMS, and thus does not have a MSISDN assigned.

It only uses packet data.

If you are using a 3rd-party SIM card that has a phone number assigned, you can use Cellular.command() to issue the AT+CNUM command to get the MSISDN.

How about the ISMI? We're having problems with the carrier in Kenya and they say they need either the MSISDN or the ISMI to be able to troubleshoot.


I presume you mean the IMSI, International mobile subscriber identification.

This is not stored in the cloud or present in device diagnostics. It's a property of the SIM card and can be retrieved by using AT+CIMI using Celluar.command().


We managed to grab a couple of the IMSI's, so we'll see if the carrier can troubleshoot the issue. Thanks for the help.

We replaced one of the Borons that was unable to connect and it switched from the Safaricom network to the Airtel network and is now working fine. We tried the same trick on the next one but it remained on Safaricom and still isn't working. Is it possible to force a device onto a different network?

One of our sharp eyed partners in Kenya spotted that while the BRN310 is compatible with Safaricom, the BRN314 isn't, which raises the questions, if the 314 isn't compatible with Safaricom, why is it defaulting to it and how do we stop it?

Hi there!

We've been discussing this matter internally - Pulling Safricom as a whole in the region will also affect LTE based devices, which are not seeing the same issues.

We should have feedback by Monday on the possibility of removing Safricom from the list.

So which LTE device works on Safaricom in Kenya?

The B524, but there is no official support.

The carriers still accept connections as our MVNO partnership allows it.

I’ll have more clarity on Tuesday.

Hi - we've seen improvements at some of the sites but they are still defaulting to Safaricom. Can you give us the status of where this stands?