Desperately need a Photon or Two

I’m working on a commercial product and I’ve run out of code space in my Core. I have libraries loaded for ILI9341 LCD (along with mfGFX), FT2606 touchscreen, a custom screen library for drawing buttons and responding to touch events, and a fast version of library for the INA226 current/voltage/power sensor. These, along with the application logic, put me at 102K text, 1936 data, 14524 bss. But I need the SD library, which needs another 7-10K text. So I’m at a standstill until I can get a Photon.

I have the Photon and Electron on order, but missed the cutoff for the first batch of Photon. Does anyone have a Photon (or two) that they could sell me to keep me going until the next batch is out?


@rayz you can drop an email to hello[at] with your request.

I have sent your request to the team :smile:

Thanks kinnethlimcp!