Designing and producing the PCB for your project

I want to use Seeed. They require the design to be in Gerber file for PCB. They recommend using Eagle CAD.
Question, do you recommend using Eagle CAD?
I want to put the Core on the PCB with their multicolor LED for the mode it’s in. Does Spark offer a template to use to start your PCB layout where I can just add my project components?

Thanks for all help

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1.) All the spark hardware is designed using Eagle CAD

2.) You can download the Spark library containing the components used for the core and other shields for ease of designing your own PCB

3.) I don’t think there is a template to start PCB layout but maybe the core hardware files is a good start (

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Thanks Ken. That's exactly what I'm looking for to get started.

I cheated a bit and used one of the spark shields as a starting point. the relay shield PCB is great as it includes a power supply too. i just deleted the bits i didn’t need and started adding my own stuff :slight_smile:

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Hey Hootie,
I like that idea.