Debugging Options?

Please see the flashing pattern in the following video:

This doesn’t neccesarily conform to the pattterns described here:

Two red flashes: Connection failure due to bad internet connection. Check your network connection.
Three red flashes: The Cloud is inaccessible, but the internet connection is fine. Check our Twitter feed59to see if there have been any reported outages; if not, visit our support page67 for help.
Four red flashes: The Cloud was reached but the secure handshake failed. Visit our support page67 for help.
Flashing yellow/red: Bad credentials for the Spark Cloud. Contact the Spark team (

I am using an Ubuntu machine - is there any way I can “log in” to the device to get some sort of log or stack trace as to what’s happening. Right now I’m doing elimination debugging and it’s becoming a bit tedious :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @aphelionz

It looks to me like you are getting a hard fault:

Usually this is following a NULL pointer or other similar fault.

You can use your USB serial port to debug by having your code send messages out at various points. There are lots of other ways to debug, but that is the easiest.

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Would the programmer shield and GDB give me error messages and stack traces?