Data storage in database. Best practice

I am currently storing temperature data (8 sensors, 1 reading/min) in a google spreadsheet and reading this data into a highchart embedded on a html to visualise the results.

This is working well, even with 20,000 rows which the google spreadsheet has now. I am wondering however if there is a more robust method, e.g. what would a pro developer use? Something like a MySQL database or similar? Something that can easily handle massive datasets? I feel like i might reach the a limit at some point with the google sheet. Thanks.

MySQL is one way to go.
You could have a look here

Otherwise there are other services like Losant and Ubidots

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I second

They just added the ability to store real-time data streams with Google BigQuery for data warehousing and Google ML for machine learning provides a way to accelerate your deep analytic strategies.

They also store your data in a database with their normal service so you can create a nice dashboard around it.