Dashboard pricing question

Quick Question.

When you say “per user per month
billed annually” You mean per user of a device or per user of the dashboard?

Meaning that if I have 3 team members each is a user?

or if I have 10 devices with 10 customers, each is a user?

Sorry for the confusion, and I think its the first statement the correct one… But never hurts to ask!

Based on my understanding of the billing system your first statement is correct. They are counting the number of people logging in with their own account to the Device Management Dashboard.

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Telling differences between statements is confusing.
The dashboard will be billed for users of the dashboard. Those who are managing devices through it and making use of the dashboard features.
If one person is managing 1000 products that are sent out to clients, the one person is billed, since he’s the only one using the dashboard. The 1000 users don’t even have to know of its existence.

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