DAC is not working after returning from Wi-Fi listen mode

Hi Guys,
I have got an issue with DAC A6 on the Photon board and was wondering if someone else has had similar thing?
After setting up DAC by using pinMode function and then analogWrite I do get the expected output and it works great.
However when calling WiFi.listen function and after returning from that mode the DAC doesn’t work anymore. I have had a look in the reference manual, I did notice earlier firmware versions required to run pinMode function every time DAC is going to be used. Though I have got version 1.1 I have tried that but with no success.

I have just realised it is not WiFi listen function, it is because my index of an array that comes before WiFi listen mode is out of range and apparently it messes up the memory. Apologies for the post

@sgs, you should mark the ticket as “solved” by clicking on the tick box.

Buffer overflows are a very common cause of bugs… .

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