D7 stuck on high and lost connection to cloud

After receiving my Particle Photon and running a few examples I’m experiencing the following issues:

  • LED on Pin D7 is alway on, even when in safe mode
  • after running a sketch oftentimes the photon looses connection (RGB LED flashing green)
  • when running the blink led sketch again, the LED on D7 does not turn off or on but ever so vaguely changes brightness

Is my unit faulty?

Did you attach any external circuit to the photon?

@snowdragon I had a similar issue once and it was caused by an unintentional bridged connection from an external circuit I had connected to the Photon. So I’d agree with @kennethlimcp’s question because with nothing connected to the Photon that definitely shouldn’t be the behavior.

It would also be good to see a picture of your device when it’s powered up and showing the D7 light.

No, nothing connected to the photon at all - I tried with differen power supplies and even outside the breadboard.I’ll snap a photo later tonight

You can find a video here:

What happens in Safe Mode?