Custom Shield - Indoor Air Quality Monitor


I received my foobot. Its difficult to give a good review of the device right now.

The person who designed the new device is a good designer - it looks very nice and high quality with that rubbery feel plastic.

The person who designed the app may be a good artist but not a UI designer because its all strange - it seems like the app is in an early alpha state. If you look at the android app reviews you will see what I mean. I asked a couple of technical friends and it confused them also. I will check it whenever the app updates and hopefully it will improve.


@mohit - I am curious about the RGB LED spacer you mention :

Is it something like this :


Hi there,

I just read the thread. Wondering when can I buy one? Thanks in advance.


Interesting new Indoor Air Quality product hitting the market called Awair :


Checks Humidity, Temperature, CO2, VOCs and Dust. It says it uses Lasers to detect the dust levels.
Uses WiFi to send data to the cloud, uses Bluetooth to send data direct to phones.


Slick marketing ahead of the design. Perhaps they will be interested in your board and particle features. Beats the bluetooth which in a house is good for only 20 ft or so before intermittent cutting out.


Hi, I’m a bit curious to how you solved reading the sensors analog 0-5V value?


Hi @ekarlso
basically what I did was to so solder a zener diode (3.3v) between the analog pins and GND, in order to protect the Core / Photon.
I know this is not the best solution , but I just wanted to avoid frying my core :smile:


An interesting article about air quality in offices :


Hi everyone, I haven’t checked in on this project for quite some time and I’m excited to see it’s been moving forward.

  1. Is there an ETA on this shields availability, etc?
  2. Is this thread the only (and best) place to get updates on this?
  3. Will there be a kickstarter or indiegogo campaign?

(if my questions were already answered elsewhere i do apologize)

Thank you!


I think the Canary All-in-One has that feature now.


This is what I have ended up using as my air quality monitor. It has been useful and reliable and it looks better than having a PCB sitting around.


Is this project still active ?