Creating a Stopwatch with Laps on Argon


My name is Claire and I am brand new to the community. I am not familiar with much coding at all so I am a toal beginner.
I am looking to use an Argon to build a stopwatch of sorts for a swim team. Essentially, there is one running stopwatch and buttons for each lane. The lanes have several swimmers in it. Once the main running stopwatch is started, it signifies that the first swimmer in each lane begins.
There will be 4 other buttons, each denoting a different lane. Once the specific lane button is pressed it will signify that the first swimmer has finished their first lap, when it is hit next, it will signify the seocnd swimmer in that lane finishing their first lap, etc.
With the assumption that swimmers start 5 seocnds apart, I want to find a way that the lap time can be automatically calculated for each swimmer.

Looking for some advice on where to begin and some steps to get me there!

Thanks for reading!