Could a developer help build a Beta version of the firmware

i would like to Beta test version 0.4.5 of the Photon firmware since it will provide support for a static IP which I require for an application. Check the Topic “I need to set a static IP”. I would like to stay focused on the app and not start learning how to make a full firmware release. There are many that already have such an environment operating themselves. Perhaps someone would be kind enough to build the v0.4.5 image with the module reported in the referenced thread and I will load the resultant image on my Photon for a Beta testing. Hopefully v0.4.5 is a stable image to use for such testing.

For testing system-only changes, we’ll push release candidates to github releases as they become available. For testing Static IP which also requires new APIs, you’ll presently need to use a local build setup in order to compile your application with these new APIs.

I’ll talk it over with the team about the possibility of having beta releases in Particle Build.