Core to Photon Firmware not working?

Hi Guys,

I have some code that works perfectly on the Particle Core, but when I go to flash it onto the Photon it flashes but then must fail and restore the previous firmware (tinker)

The code is relatively simple and is only using the Neopixel library…

What would be the best way to troubleshoot the issue, as it fails before it even loads a serial interface etc?


Need to see code to answer this - my crystal ball is on repair :sunglasses: :crystal_ball:


Thanks for that bit of info, did it through the Web IDE and it now works fine :slight_smile:

How are you attempting to flash to your photon?

Have you already upgraded your Photon’s firmware to the latest version by using the Web IDE to flash a bare minimum program (I.e. Simple Blink sketch)?

I have been using the Particle Dev software, I assume this is the same as the Web IDE?

I believe I have flashed the simple blink sketch, but I will give it another go from the Web IDE and then see if it helps :slight_smile:

Using the Web IDE will provoke a firmware update. As far as I know, the Particle Dev will not.