Core processor options?

I want to use core as a prototyping tool for the new product (some type of sensor). My plan is to manufactor it further so it should be improved in cost. Can I change the central Cortex processor someway to something way less powerfull and cheaper?

@glebkudr If you want to strip out some of the features you could take it down to a less powerful micro-controller, but in order to support encryption, it requires a 32-bit processor with 20KB RAM.

The STM32F103 that we’re using is actually quite cheap given how powerful it is. What were you thinking of using instead?

I need something like Atmega328. It should be very cheap and very dummy :slight_smile: I supposed the Wifi encription was on the side of the CC3300 chip? Or are you talking about SSL?

The Wi-Fi encryption is handled by the CC3000, but the encryption out to the cloud is handled by the STM32. It’s not quite SSL but it’s very similar (an RSA handshake passed off to an AES encrypted socket), just more lightweight for a low-cost embedded system.

The STM32 is actually less than $2 at volume - not that much more expensive than the ATmega 328p. In fact it’s cheaper in volume than the ATmega32u4 used in the newer Arduino boards (like the Leonardo).