Core just started flashing purple

Hello all,

at about 7:30am PST today I happened to notice that my Core just started flashing purple like it was flashed with new code. After that it seemed to have lost all its code and started flashing yellow. A reset would not bring the old code back.
Has this happened to anyone ever? Are there any logs of a remote flash during that time?

@Dave might be able to take a look with your deviceID

Great, here is the ID: 54ff6c066672524835431267

Hmm, it looks like something about your firmware is causing your device to report the wrong product_id during the handshake. It looks like your device got online, and was issued an automatic update for a photon as a result.

This is now the second time we’ve seen this issue, so I’m going to bring in our firmware team @mdma / @BDub who can hopefully help.

Can you share your source code that was running on the device when this happened?


I can share the code but currently not the general public. Do you have dropbox?

@MarkusL would you please backup your Core flash image with the following command and send it to me and David via PM? We do have dropbox if you can send a link to a zip of the source code and binary via PM that would be excellent.

dfu-util -d 1d50:607f -a 0 -s 0x8000000:0x20000 -U core_backup.bin

Do you want the dump of whatever is currently left in the core that is just flashing yellow or a freshly re-flashed core?

Both might actually be useful… thanks for asking!

@BDub and @Dave: Any luck so far investigating the source code?

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Not yet sorry, I know Brett is focusing on getting 0.5.0 ready for release, and fixing some lingering bugs, then we’ll have a chance to review.