Control the core in a web browser's url?

Just trying out the core for the first time and was wondering if you can do the “CONTROL LEDS OVER THE ‘NET” example but with a wed browser url instead of the command prompt?
-d access_token=1234123412341234123412341234123412341234
-d params=l1,HIGH”

If I can then I could code it in html, flash, ect… typing out the id’s in the command prompt is a pain!

I think , you can’t do with URL. because it will be GET sending you must send your data with POST method.

I create .jquerymobile website you can use with your mobile phone.

You can use this url. I will upload soon my github account.

It works great! I’ll download it as soon as you put it up so I can learn how! Thanks

Hello i have problem with my github account. You can download easly from this link :

enjoy it!


very nice @Yasin :slight_smile: I like your layout!


@BDub thank you … I am working on it. )

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Another option is the Spark Helper from jflasher -

Pretty helpful stuff!