Control Syma S107 twochannel (and clones) with any DirectX DirectInput device over local UDP connection

Control this nice IR helicopter Syma s107 (two channel version) or any clones with Spark Core!

Tested with Saitek Cyborg X (I have also Logitech Dual Action for testing): repository (C# .NET VS2012 project + Spark IDE cpp

How to:

Current issues:

UDP packets are sent only when moved with joystick axis. But when you start doing some fast action, it will flood the core with packets and helicopter will loose signal (falling down). This looks like DOS (Denial Of Service) attack on the core (CFOD). Without transistor the range is about 50cm. With BC548B transistor, it can fly in 15m area :slight_smile:


Sweet! This is a packed project! (IR, C#, Joystick, Remote control, Helicopters, UDP) :smiley: