Control Actuators of flat bed die through light sensors

Is it possible to use light sensor with flat Surface Die and for the protection of users as per what I was thinking to use the RGB light beam will be sense by the sensor and when ever there will be some interruption then it will give message signal to actuators which will stop the machine work

Its like I am new to this kind work and looking for some advice If anyone has worked on heavy duty machines with this kind of IOT friendly controllers any leads form your side will be very helpful

If you are only looking for beam break detection, then I’d say this sensor is maximum overkill.
This sensor is mostly meant to distinguish light colours and intensity and hence also uses a more complicated communication scheme than you’d like for security and safety applications.

For beam break detection you can go for much cheaper sensors which only provide you with a digital output which you can attach to a µC interrupt pin for secondary tasks but can at the same time be used by dedicated “discrete” hardware that can switch off dangerous machinery without the risk of a software hangup.