Contributing library with subfolder inside firmware folder

I have ported a library that contains the following structure:


The “utility” folder contains includes that are referenced by a main file in “firmware”

However, when I contribute the library and include the library in a test sketch and compile it fails because it can’t find the reference to the “utility” folder.

Do libraries not allow subfolders inside firmware? Is there a way of getting this to work properly?


The library in question is:

@gotnull, I had this problem as well. You can try changing the references to your libraries to:

myLibraryname/utility/filename (changing myLibraryname and filename of course)

I don’t develop in the web IDE because of external library “issues” such as these. Instead I use Spark CLI and DEV. Let me know how it goes. I had the porting of the u8glib on my list of todo and just didn’t get to it yet. A link to your github repo would be great! :smile:

I’ve tried changing the references, but now I’m getting all sorts of compilation errors. I think for the time being I’m gonna give up and move onto something else.

If you manage to port the u8glib library that’d be awesome. Please let me know :smile: