Console vitals info off screen

When using the Web Console with a Boron, the position of the vitals information window (which appears when you hover over a graph) is somehow being calculated incorrectly. The result is that the upper signal strength and quality graphs show the window correctly, but the lower graphs display the window below the bottom of the screen. I can get the round-trip-time info to show up if I fiddle around with it, but I have never seen the info window for the bottom two graphs.
I have tried both the latest Firefox and Chrome versions with the same results.
My screen res is 1920 x 1080.

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Same for me in Chrome that is unless I zoom way way way out making it impossible to read. Would be nice to have that fixed.

Thanks, I forgot about zoom.
When I zoom out, at around 50% the window position is correct, but readability is definitly an issue.
Maybe it was developed on a really big monitor?