Consent for firmware update

I haven’t seen anything in the Particle docs or community pages about getting consent for firmware updates. Is that because this isn’t a legal hurdle? Does my business need to worry about informing users before forcing firmware updates?

@gemfarmer What sort of relationship do you have with your end users? It is not down to Particle - it is implicit in the contract of sale of your product. For example, I am supplying photons that are built into “appliances” by my customer, these are then supplied by them direct to end-users, via distributors and via resellers. The complication here is that the purchasing body may not be the same as the end user.

Part of the sale contract covers a requirement for connection to the internet and use of a cloud based management console for the end-users. The purchase contract acceptance is that connected devices are best when they are supported and maintained and this means software updates. However, some end user organisations for security reasons don’t want to have internet connected devices that could be a potential ‘bot-net’ army and do not connect them and some may not want to have software updates. So the console allows users to switch off software updates if they so wish. To my knowledge no body has flicked that switch off yet.

Concerns the timing of software updates - this is more tricky because using the (Particle) console it is not that easy to manage the update of devices at a certain time because it will update automatically only on the start of a new cloud session - to solve this we have implemented a timed (every 24 hours with a selected local time) call of Particle.publish(“spark/device/session/end”, “”, PRIVATE); to ensure that any pending software updates are triggered, at all other times updates are disabled. If you have direct contact with end users then clearly a bit of communication that a new software version has been/will be released is always a good idea!


Thanks for the thorough response @armor! Our end-users will almost always be the direct purchaser, so we will have limited complications in that department.

Thanks again!