Connecting Tracker to specific cellular carrier

I recently started working with a Tracker T402 evaluation kit and have been trying to connect to a specific cell carrier here in Canada. I’m currently using the tracker-edge firmware (v17) and have added the following 2 lines of code in the setup function:
Cellular.command(parseResponse, &point, AT_TIMEOUT,"AT+COPS=2\r\n");
Cellular.command(parseResponse, &point, AT_TIMEOUT,"AT+COPS=1,2,302610,8\r\n");
With this code I am able to connect to the carrier I want, but if the tracker were to go into an area where this carrier has no service, I don’t want it connecting to other available networks. What could I do to make sure that the Tracker is only connecting to the carrier I want and won’t connect to the best available network like it does by default? Usually after the tracker has disconnected from my selected cell network, I get a log message stating “[ncp.client] TRACE: Sticky not registering EPS state for 15 s, PLMN reselection”. Is the solution to disable this automatic reselection somehow?

There is no way to permanently disable automatic network selection.