Connecting to multiple peripherals

I’ve been experimenting with the BLE API and reading the official NRF52 documentation.
It should be possible to connect up to 8 devices simultaneously.
Could it be done through the existing BLE API? Is it planned to be supported in the future?

Nope, currently the max number of concurrent connections is 3 due to memory restrictions.

For the future a higher number is intended but no promises to what that number will be are made.

Can they be made through the BLE. connect() as usual?

Yes, why?

In most examples there’s some if to check if you are already connected. I haven’t tried to make the connections one after another.
Isn’t there any problem in doing so?

That’s because the use case only expects to be connected to one peer.
This does not mean you couldn’t connect to another peer.
But then you’d check somePeer.connected() to know if you have a valid connection to a specific peer.