Connecting sensors via USB serial Particle electron 3g

Hello, I hope I used the right forum category. I apologize if I didn’t.

I have a simple question, I have a couple of’s FPC1020AM fingerprint sensors.
I also have a 5832 bluetooth board that takes in the sensor, sends the data over bluetooth to a receiver and then that receiver plugs into a computer using USB.

And I was wondering because I’m new to low level programming and hardware, is it possible to use battery power and connect the 5832 receiver to the board and receive serial input if I have the driver and protocol?
Or, is it possible or is there some adapter to connect a 16pin connection from the fingerprint sensor to the electron MCU.

I hope this is clear and sorry if this is a beginner question.

Not without major changes to the system firmware.
When you plug a device into your computer a dedicated device driver will be loaded and used to do the communication.

On embedded systems things are a bit more involved as loading drivers like that is not an option.

Thanks for your feedback.

One last question, if I do plug it in, can I read the raw data? Then of course build the firmware based on the communication protocol and then pass it on? Or will it be a problem even reading the raw data?

Thanks again!

The device does not even support USB Host Mode by default, so no dice.