Connecting problems

Hey guys! I bought a 3D Cube 8x8x8 and i haven’t been able to cennect it with my Phone (Android)
It says:
"Setup process couldn’t cunfigure the Wi-Fi credentials for your Photon, please try running setup again after resetting your Photon …"
And now All 4 pre-programmed designs are gone… it seems like while it was connecting, the pre-programmed data was deleted …
Is there an application for my PC, which I can program the lights themsleves? I would like to have the pre-programmed data again, if posible
Can you help me please??
What can i do?

You could first give this a go on a computer (with wifi):
Make sure the photon is blinking blue for setup (hold the mode button for about 4 seconds.

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I have followed the instruccions, but the Photon cant be connected, it still blinking “dark blue” and not “cyan” as it should be.

  • On the first step, when i choose the Wi-Fi created by the Photon i have no Internet from the Photon but its connected (is that right?!) then i follow step 2 connecting the Photon with the Internet. But in the end it still blinking dark blue…

Yes, that’s the expected behaviour.

Have you selected your WiFi SSID and entered the password in this screen?

What encryption type is your WiFi using?

Could it be that you had a typo in your password or you selected a 5GHz WiFi?
Any special characters in your password or SSID?

Yes I did select my Wi-Fi and entered my password, but still not working.

My Wi-Fi is using WPA+WPA2
I am sure i haven’t a typo in my password (no special characters) but I do have a 5GHz WiFi

Try deactivating or renaming the 5GHz network since the Photon can only work with 2.4GHz.