Connecting photon to phplayer

Hi guys I need some help.

Sitting here in the 18th hour of coding b4 the deadline.
Having trouble setting up a webhook, so that I can publish ex. 8 datafields from my photon to my phplayer: www.[Enter-URL-here].com/phplayer.

I can’t figure out how to specify the data sent with the webhook, can someone please help me?
Fairly detailed answer please, very tired! :frowning:

Have you seen this guide?

Yes but how do I reference these fields in my code??

Can any1 help, I’m honestly at a loss!

@rasmusludeking, you want to “publish” your data - is this with a POST or GET request? Your link takes me to a porn site. Is this correct?


If the event that the Webhook is catching passes a value thin1 you use {{thin1}}.

If you send the data in json format then the webhook can read it.

{ \"thin1\": \"1\",\"thin2\": \"2\"}