Connect with labview

does anyone know how to use spark core with labview?

There’s a HTTP GET using labview previously here:

if I do not want to use the cloud, only direct communication between labview and core. does it allow?

You can make the :spark: core a TCPserver or TCPclient depending on how you want to do it.

I’m sure Labview should have a module to interact over HTTP?

It’s would be a simple connection to the core and you will send back ‘information’ based on the HTTP url called :smile:

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if there is no internet connection, whether still possible to exchange data with labview? only with a wifi connection like adhock?

If you run a TCPserver/client on your core, only a local connection is required.

However, you need to be compiling locally to disable the connection to Spark cloud in order to do so without connection to Internet.

Otherwise, your core will attempt to connect to the internet and won’t continue until it succeeds.

In summary, you need an internet connection for now… unless you are programming on a local IDE