Connect Proton to Micro:Bit ( or Calliope)

I would like to make a weather station, with micro bit or calliope. Well it working but its kinda boring. Is it possible to connect the micro bit with proton to the internet? To get the live feed of the sensons.

Since the Photon is a fully capable microcontroller on its own, you wouldn’t need any of the other two to run a weather station. Have a look around the forums and/or the Hackster page to see various weather station projects using the Photon.


You could link them over a serial connection, although as @Moors7 said, the photon is fully capable of lifting the task itself.

But for other micro:bit expiriments it would be a good way to go, you could make a local “LAN” between the microbits, with the option to access the internet trough a micro:bit linked to a photon :slight_smile: